Why Guest Concepts

For the past 12 years we have worked with hundreds of Dealers on the process of Customer retention, follow-up and BDC implementation. Guest Concepts' founder, David Krier, designed the LSI Customer Retention Software (now owned by Reynolds & Reynolds®) used in nearly 1,000 Dealerships and Business Development Centers across the U.S. and Canada including many Dealerships that are considered leaders in the automotive industry. LSI Software was the primary solution used by Ford Dealerships across the U.S. for Customer Retention, Lease Renewal, Retail Trade Cycle Management and BDC Process.

During this time we noticed a couple of common threads throughout the industry.

  • Salesperson turnover impacts overall Dealership closing ability
  • Their best profit opportunity was usually during the first visit
  • First visit closing rates in most Dealerships were less than 20%
  • Most “first visit” Customers that didn't buy bought elsewhere
  • Salespeople didn't do a good job on follow-up
  • Business Development Centers were expensive to staff
  • Real BDC returns were difficult to track

The solution: Sell more Customers on the first visit. When we do that our Salespeople won't have to struggle with process of trying to get their Customers back into the Dealership. Our Salespeople can now focus on Customer satisfaction and referrals.

We're not saying don't follow-up, but if some of the things we outlined above sound familiar to you and may be happening in your Dealership then the obvious next question should be "How can we do that?"

We're glad you asked... First of all you need to look at the process most Dealers have used since the beginning to sell cars which puts the Customer and the Salesperson in an adversarial position. This typically involved old-style selling methods that started with the questions: "Where do you want your Payments?" and "How much did you want to put Down?" and then ultimately ended with a "4-Square" presentation which is designed to be confrontational and puts the Dealership at risk since it does not include legally required disclosures. Many Salespeople are literally intimidated by the process of presenting numbers since this is where the relationship they had built with the Customer up to that point could come crashing down around their shoulders. We all know that when the Salesperson doesn't have confidence in the numbers the likelihood of a sale decreases dramatically.

Guest Concepts provides a fresh approach to selling cars and presenting numbers. We help you teach your Salespeople not to ask the questions that will ultimately undermine the sale at the negotiation stage. The Guest Concepts software helps you instantly create a Customer-Friendly presentation that helps you get off of price and onto Payment and Down Payment which are the motivating factors in most Car buying decisions. Finally the presentation helps the Salesperson explain the relationship between Payment and Down Payment and helps the Salesperson get additional Down Payment because of a simple stair-stepped approach. Putting this presentation in the hands of the Salesperson has a huge impact on their confidence. The Guest Concepts approach will help you Sell the Customer the first time.