Success Stories

"The 1stPencil Desking solution is an effective tool for increasing Customer’s satisfaction and closing ratios. This process also increases confidence levels of our Salespeople as they present offers to our Customers. We all know the confidence expressed by our Salespeople is critical in closing the sale."

Bert Boeckmann, Owner - Galpin Ford

Here’s what some of our other Dealers are telling us:

“The program is so easy. The Salespeople love it and the Customers love it. They just circle a payment and the deal's done. We love the program.”

“We’ve seen more deals at full price than we have ever seen before”

“We’ve seen more Down Payment in the last few days since installing 1stPencil then we saw in the last few months”

“The Guest Concepts process levels the playing field and helps new Salespeople close on a par with seasoned veterans”

“I can’t tell you how many times my Salespeople come back to me with a payment circled and the deal closed in just a matter of minutes”

“This is the best software solution I have ever seen for a Dealership”

“1stPencil has paved the way for our Salespeople to start their deals in a more professional manner”

“This is the only software I have ever seen that actually does what we are told it will do”

“Our first deal using 1stPencil closed in less than 3 minutes at full price”

“My Salesperson came back so fast that I thought something was wrong… The Customer circled a payment and it took about two minutes to close the deal”