Guest Concepts, Inc.

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Co-Founders David Krier and Tawny Arnaud have over 75 years of combined experience in Retail Auto Sales. After years of frustration looking for a Desking Solution and finding solution after solution that were designed by people that have never sold a car Tawny and David decided to design their own program that would be Customer friendly, simplify negotiations for the Salesperson and be fast for the Sales Managers.

David was a key manager with the Galpin Automotive Group for 26 years leading their Leasing and Finance operations. David later designed the LSI Customer Retention program for Half-A-Car which was the process used in over 1,000 Dealerships nationwide and the main component of Ford’s Customer Retention efforts. Tawny was Vice President of Sales for 40 years with the Galpin Automotive Group, which enjoys being the #1 Volume Ford Dealership in the World for over 21 consecutive years with over 95% of their business coming from Repeat and Referral Customers.

Peter Mora leads programming and technical efforts with over 30 years of experience developing software applications. Fifteen of which were focused primarily on Automotive. Peter spearheaded the programming team behind the LSI software solution and joined Guest Concepts shortly after leaving his consulting arrangement with Reynolds and Reynolds.

Guest Concepts was designed to give the Sales Manager and Salesperson tools to help justify your numbers while building customer satisfaction and loyalty. No other Desking Program has as many tools that will address customer concerns.