What's involved in a Guest Concepts installation?

Fortunately, this is not a complex process, but it is important that everybody is on board and that everybody understands their role.

One of the keys to a successful implementation is to make sure your Salespeople are saying the right things and not unintentionally undermining the negotiation process. We spend a day with your Salespeople working with them, role playing and helping them understand what to say and why. We also want them to understand how to correctly present the numbers.

We spend time with each Manager individually, getting them comfortable with the software, the various types of presentations and how to effectively determine which presentation to make in which scenario. Finally we go over the process of running reports that help the person that is responsible for monitoring the sales process in the Dealership determine how effectively the tools are being used.

Dealers see results immediately, and tell us that they notice the increase in their Closing ratios and Gross Profits before we leave the Dealership.

We find that it is very important that we also setup quarterly ongoing maintenance training to train new Salespeople, refocus existing Salespeople and to resolve any questions or challenges either they or their Managers may encounter. We also want to make sure everybody understands and is utilizing new features and strategies we develop. This is typically a one day visit. Dealers tell us that they always see an impact on their Closing Ratios and Grosses after these visits since they get refocused and reenergized.