The Guest Concepts Selling Process

• Increases Salesperson Confidence
If the Salesperson stumbles during the process of initially presenting numbers to the Customer the likelihood of a positive outcome decreases dramatically. The Guest Concepts presentation provides a “Confidence Tool” for the Salespeople since it provides a simple, non-threatening way for them to start the Deal.

• Raises Gross Averages
The Guest Concepts presentations focus on Payment and Down Payment rather than Price. Payment and Down Payment are typically the driving factors in the buying decision and presenting them in the right way can dramatically impact Gross Profits. Dealers tell us that in many cases the Customer simply circles the Payment/Down Payment combination they want and Price is not an issue.

• Increases Down Payments
The presentation provides an easy way for the Salespeople to introduce the concept of additional Down Payment. This not only reduces Monthly Payments it also increases the quality of the paper you send to your finance providers.

• Improves Close Rates
The Guest Concepts presentations help increase Down Payments since they provide an easy way for the Salesperson to introduce the benefits. The presentations help the Customer understand the impact of Down Payment and the relationship it has on Monthly Payments.

• Higher CSI Scores
Because the Guest Concepts presentations are interactive and non-confrontational they reduce the stress that can occur during the negotiation process. The ultimate result is happier Customers, more referrals and higher CSI ratings.

• Web Based – Accessible from anywhere
Guest Concepts software utilizes a web-based, secure database that allows the Dealer to access the solution from any computer with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for complex network configurations and allows multiple Managers and authorized Salespeople to share access.

• Works with both Negotiated Price and One Price operations
The beauty of this process is that it works just as well with one-price operations as it does with Dealerships that utilize a negotiated price process.

• Single Dealership or Enterprise installations available
The Guest Concepts software is designed to handle either a single Dealership or an Enterprise consisting of multiple Dealerships. The software is easily configured to provide access as either a user or administrator to either specified Dealerships or all of the Dealerships in the Enterprise.